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Who will win on 26th March India or Australia Gives your click !
On 26th Semi final between India and Australia. this will make history both team are in good form so can you guess who will be the winner.
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Obviously MY Country INDIA

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obviously india

is Chappell wanted to oust Dravid from captaincy ?
Australia Test great and former India coach Greg Chappell has dismissed Sachin Tendulkar's contention that he wanted Rahul Dravid removed as captain in the months leading up to the 2007 Cricket World Cup. "The claims made in Sachin's new book were brought to my attention earlier today," Chappell told "Whilst I don't propose to get into a war of words, I can state quite clearly that during my time as Indian coach I never contemplated Sachin replacing Rahul Dravid as captain. "I was therefore very surprised to read the claims made in the book."